Fitness & Yoga in Hua Hin at The Barai Residential Spa

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A well balanced lifestyle is paramount to achieving the full Barai Spa experience. Nutritional programmes, fitness & yoga sessions, lifestyle counselling, skin & body treatments and recreation activities are choreographed especially for each guest.

Recreation activities to invigorate mind and body include yoga, Tai Chi, Garland-making class and Herb class. Cultural excursions to feed the soul include guided or unguided visits to the floating market, local temples, a pineapple farm, a night market or a fishing tour.


Your Yoga instructor will customise a one-hour session according to your desires and guide you in techniques and poses appropriate to your skill level and physical fitness.

The yoga session will assist you in creating balance in the body by developing both strength and flexibility.

Garland-Making Class

Make a traditional Thai flowers garland called “Phuang Malai” made for centuries in Thailand as an integral part of Thai culture. You will make an offering of your garland at our spirit house as a traditional Thai cultural and spiritual practice.

Herbal Compress Class

Experience traditional Thai healing practices. Learn how to make a traditional Thai Herbal Compress, Luk Prakob, including a demonstration of the Thai Herbal Compress massage

Thai Cooking Class

Discover the benefits of one of the healthiest cuisines in the world. Learn how to cook a healthy Thai meal using an ancient blend of fresh ingredients, herbs and spices. (This class available to start from 10:30 am – 3:00 pm, dining included)

Tak Bart

Central to Thai culture is a daily offering of Tak-Bart - the act of kindness by offering food to monks. This is usually done in the early morning when the monks walk on the beach or at the local temple.